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about us

VALORS Mission is a federally recognized, non-profit organization dedicated to the implementation and advancement of alternative treatments for veterans suffering with physical, psychological and neurological disorders. The VALORS founders are committed to helping other veterans supplement traditional treatments with integrative health and wellness in order to overcome their service connected wounds. 

The physical, psychological and neurological issues that disabled veterans face can lead to a decreased quality of life. For many, this means living with chronic pain, depression, PTSD and other disorders. The majority of treatment options available to veterans through the VA focus on traditional western medicine such as medication therapy, medical surgeries and procedures, rather than homeopathic remedies, spiritual therapy, health and wellness. A growing body of evidence supports the benefits of alternative therapies in people with these conditions.

The founders of VALORS Mission recognize the gap between traditional western medicine and treating the veteran as a whole with an overall focus on well-being. Through firsthand experience and suffering, our founders have learned how difficult it can be to seek alternative treatments and are dedicating to supporting individuals like themselves.

Purpose statement

VALORS Mission - Veterans Alternatives: Liberty Over Refused Support.   We are dedicated to a tripartite purpose:

1) empowering veterans and others suffering psychological and neurological disorders and associated syndromes or symptoms to end the stigma surrounding these conditions by identifying and arranging alternative treatment protocols usually not offered by or funded through the Department of Veterans Affairs ("VA");

2) identify and assist research into alternative treatment options for PTSD and neurological disorders that more appropriately address the impact on veterans and their families; 

3) bring about change within the VA in order to enable the agency to support and accommodate alternative treatment programs for veterans,  thereby reaching those who might otherwise go untreated, all in a manner that allows these veterans to lead high-quality lives with self-respect and dignity


The ten VALORS Mission founders, who collectively served in all branches of the Department of Defense and who each have a VA disability rating of at least 100%, seek to liberate disabled American veterans by advocating for veterans, providing alternative therapy for psychological and neurological disorders plaguing American veterans, and assisting research into alternative treatment options that lessens the impact of PTSD on veterans and their families.


Mission statement
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