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Jimmy Callum Jr.

Founder, President/CEO, Chairman of Board of Directors, United States Marine Corps
100% VA Disability Rating


Callum joined the USMC in 2001 shortly after the 9/11 attack on America which inspired him to join but his military career was cut short due to an unfortunate injury which resulted in receiving a 100% rating from the VA. Callum was not able to serve his country the way he had initially hoped but his desire to help disabled Veterans drove the creation of VALORS Mission. Callum passionately believes in mobilizing a passionate VALORS Mission team to executive objectives that will help a copious amount of disabled Veterans.

John Edward Hill

Founder, COO, Retired US Air Force Intelligence Operations Officer
100% VA Disability Rating 


Hill began his military career after winning a USAF ROTC scholarship to attend Michigan State University and graduated with a BA in International Relations. His time in the USAF took him to Goodfellow, Langley, Sarajevo, Fort Meade, Tuzla AB in Bosnia, Kabul, Qatar, and Nairobi.

While serving in Kabul, Hill was involved in a “hard landing” which resulted in broken vertebrae, misalignment of his right hip, failed back syndrome, radial neuropathy, chronic pain and depression, and ultimately a 100% P&T rating from the VA. Hill now serves as the Senior Staff Officer at the Department of Defense.

Hill currently resides in Maryland with his wife of eight years and their 4-year-old daughter, 2 dogs and 2 cats. Hill is personally dedicated to ensuring that all Veterans are able to access all legally protected benefits.


Calvin Patterson

Founder, Board of Directors, US Army National Guard Combat Engineer
100% VA Disability Rating 


Patterson served in the Army for 15 years including a deployment to Taji, Iraq where he witnessed a marketplace explosion which later resulted in a 100% disability rating from the VA due to PTSD. Patterson currently resides in Philadelphia where he attends weekly PTSD classes and receives care through the VA for his back. Patterson enjoys attending Veterans retreats, and this along with his interactions with other Veterans has lead to the creation of a list of over 100 retreats all over the world serving Veterans.

John Papai

Founder, United States Marine Corps
100% VA Disability Rating 


Due to his 100% service connected disability rating from the VA, Papai has undergone 22 surgeries including amputation, 4 failed knee replacements, 5 staph infections, and a titanium rod in his femur. Papai previously served as a law enforcement officer for 9 years in Colorado and received numerous awards.

Julia Perry Briggs

Founder, Board of Directors Secretary, US Navy
100% VA Disability Rating 

Perry joined the Navy in 1982, where after enduring a groin injury 6 years in, she was placed on a medical hold for 2 years. While receiving care for the chronic pain from this injury, Perry was sexually assaulted and stalked by VA assigned physician. The resulting iatrogenic illness led to her receiving a landmark award of 100% disability rating from the VA due to PTSD after her reports of the sexual trauma did not receive timely diagnosis or treatment. Perry passionately testifies that, “Veterans assaulted in VA care need as much a safety net, through powerful media presence, legislation, pro bono legal assistance, and admission to VA inpatient MST program, as those still in uniform.” Perry now breeds and raises show quality yorkies who she says keep her “young and silly.”

Michael Marispini

Founder, US Navy Master at Arms
100% VA Disability Rating


After completing boot camp at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center and Seamen ATD School, Marispini served on the U.S.S. Denver for two years, graduated with honors from Master at Arms “A” school, served with the Mobile Security Squadron 3 at San Diego, and finished up at Naval Base Coronado. After being discharged, Marispini earned his Bachelors of Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and his MBA with a concentration in Marketing. These degrees inspired him to create M Cubed Marketing Solutions, a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business marketing firm. Marispini is married with 4 kids whom he considers his greatest achievements, and loves to hunt, fish, and boat together

Richard Smith

Founder, Retired US Army
100% VA Disability Rating


Smith served with the Army for 22 years, including two deployments to Iraq. Following a spinal cord abscess in his thoracic spine and emergency surgery, Smith spent 18 months learning to walk again and has since been plagued with numerous medical issues (neurological bladder, chronic pain syndrome, PTSD, anxiety, depression, loss of 75% of feeling from his ribcage down, bulging discs, spondylitis, and arthritis) that have been exacerbated over a period of 14 years and 2 combat deployments to Iraq. The use of pain medication to treat his multiple diagnoses has led to job loss and detoxing at an addiction treatment center.

Ron Borum

Founder, US Air Force
100% VA Disability Rating


Borum served with USAF where he was exposed to chemicals leading to a medical discharge for obstructive airways disease and ankalosing spondylitis. Borum contracted bacterial pneumonia and was in a coma for two months. The steroids given during his hospitalization destroyed the ankle bone in his right foot which became infected and required amputation.

mike soko.jpeg

Reverend Johnny Turner

Founder, Retired United States Marine Corps Motor Transportation and Food Service
100% VA Disability Rating 


Turner served in the USMC for seven years including with the 14th Marines 4MARDIV HQBTRY in Fort Worth, Texas, II MEF/II MHG (fwd) at Camp Fallujah, Iraq, and OIF/OEF III in Iraq. Turner was medically discharged with a service connected disability rating of 100% due to PTSD, migraines, and hearing loss. Turner is now a licensed Minister who enjoys spending time with family, going to church, and traveling abroad.

Shara Wilkey

Founder, Retired United States Marine Corps Communications Officer

100% VA Disability Rating

Joined USMC in 1981 as a Musician, becoming the first female tuba player since WWII's Marine Corps Women's Reserve Band. After major hearing loss and forced to find a new military job. Shortly afterwards she applied for Broadened Opportunity for Officer Selection and Training (BOOST) and upon graduation was in the Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program (MECEP.) She graduated from San Diego State University in June 1987 with a BS in Organizational Management.

During The Basic School she hyper-extended her knee 27-times in one-week during Motor-T combat-simulated training. Eventually the hyper-extended knee turned into Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) which eventually resulted in a medical retirement from the USMC long before her desire and a 100% VA disability rating.

Wilkey now resides in South Dakota with her boyfriend, now retired service-dog of 13-years another dog, two indoor-outdoor cats, multiple barn cats and two horses. She has been advocating and helping veterans who have CRPS to get ketamine-infusions or other medical treatment options available or CRPS or other medical care in the VA System.

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