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Roger Santos

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Roger Santos has 30+ year of experience, both domestically and internationally, in the management, operations, project development, systems design, compatibility testing and implementation of communication systems and collaboration/data sharing technologies. Roger has applied his technology acumen in the Healthcare | Business | and Higher Education sectors. He has spent the past 12 years in the advocacy and implementation of telemedicine solutions in support of continued patient care after clinical care discharge; patients with chronic, physical and mental, conditions needing continued healthcare support or “Remote Patient Management” (RPM) services. Consisting of clinical provider consultations, continual vitals monitoring, non-pharmaceutical pain management solutions, Pharmaceutical oversight of effectiveness and adherence, emotional support, dignity of life and reassurance through 24/7 access to personalized care services. Roger advises and consults for nonprofit support and advocacy groups, healthcare networks, individual providers, clinical grade device and application developers, and payer organizations.

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